Karate Life – University Ladies Strike Triple Gold!


Jim Kidd, one of Scotland’s foremost accredited SKGB karate masters has inspired Dundee University Karate Club ladies’ kata team to triple gold at the recent Scottish National University and College Karate Championships (Scottish Student Sport) in Glasgow. The same girls, with another team member, also fought their way to a silver medal in the ladies’ kumite team final. Born and bred in Dundee, Jim has been involved in karate for over fifty years. Even Dundee born actor Brian Cox was awarded an honorary black belt at the same club during his time as University rector (pic below right).

brian-cox-and-ian-rennieWe caught up with Jim and the golden girls at the club. It turns out the girls are originally from England and are now amazingly Scottish champions, absolutely brilliant! What’s also amazing about these girls is that they all started training in karate at a very young age. Samantha Goodchild and Sophie Nepali at the age of seven and Celine Daniel began when she was four. The girls had this to say about their inspirational karate master…

“Jim’s great, there is no one better to lead the club.”

Just before the championships Jim really worked on their kata timing and had an instinctive feeling they could strike gold…

“They were up against the strongest universities in Scotland”

“Once I helped them with their timing I could see them getting gold. The girls were putting in extra training, if you want to be a winner you’ve got to do extra!”

“It’s the first time the club has had a team kata gold, it’s no’ an easy ane tae win!”

img_4175We also spoke with silver medallist Tegan Knott, who started karate at the age of ten, and asked her to share her thoughts on winning silver and the benefits of karate…

“I’ve learnt a lot from Jim and my fighting has definitely improved. I knew I did my best, it felt good winning my silver medal.”

“It is good fitness and a great way to meet new people and friends.”

Finally, we asked Jim to share his thoughts about the club and the benefits of karate…

“The students are at the peak of their health and fitness and are also smart, so it keeps me on my toes!”

“Karate is great for your fitness, health and longevity. It’s an art as well as a sport, so even when you finish as a sport you can keep it up as an art and if you keep going you can get a great life out of it.”

“Karate is becoming an Olympic sport at the next Olympics in Japan, so it’s a great time to get involved in karate.”

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